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Trigger New Growth For Bigger Biceps

Trigger New Growth For Bigger Biceps

Big Arm Tip # 4(A)

Let us pick up from where we left off.

week# 1

This week is about heavy, low rep training, and super slow movement. You will be doing just three basic movements: The Standing Barbell curl, the Preacher Curl and the Alternate dumbbell Curl.

You will do two workouts-one Monday and one Friday. The weight you will be using is substancial, but it must still be managable. Try for 85% of your max, if not 90% as long as you can go super slow with it. It is all about using both concentric and eccentirc portions of the range of motion.

However, in the final few sets of each these two exercises, you'll use concentric overload, by doing the curling part of the motion and letting your partner take the weight and hand it back to you to start again at the bottom.

Standing Barbell Curl
Straight one workout / EZ Curl in another workout)

4 x 8 (Remember to perform slowly)

Preacher Curl
EZ Curl bar inner grip and outer grip, alternating)

3 x 6
No cheating with body - good form- slow)

Alternating Dumbbell Curl

2 x Failure
60% of max weight)

Rest 2 minutes in between sets would be correct if you are using heavy weight.

We will continue with week two in our next e-newsletter.

Keep Hanging and Banging.

Leon Cruz.

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