Monday, December 28, 2009

The Truth About PullDowns and Chin ups.

The Truth About PullDowns and Chin ups.



I hope you are having a very Merry Christmas and a happy Holiday.

I would like to share some insights about Pulldowns and Chin-ups.

The Latissimus dorsi are the largest, strongest muscles of the upper

body. When highly developed they add impressive width and thickness

not only to your upper back but also to your overall chest size.

Many bodybuilders, however, fail to compleyely develop these muscles.

More often than not, this occurs because they use the wrong hand

spacing and grip.

One common mistake is using a wide grip on lat pulldowns and pullups.

Bodybuilders believe that wide hand spacing provides more stretch

and a greater range of movement for the lats. But the truth is the

opposite: A wide grip provides less stretch for the lats than you'd

get with a narrow grip. Furthermore, the wide grip actually prevents

a greater range of movement by allowing the upper arms less rotation

at the shoulder joints.

Now let's look at the grip. Your biceps are strongest when your

hands are supinated - turned toward you. Yet most bodybuilders work

their lats with their hands pronated - turned away from them - which

puts them at their weakest. Since the biceps are important supporting

muscles for the lats, you'll be able to work your lats harder if

you use a supinated grip when you do chin-ups. Understanding the

specific actions of your major muscles is a vital step towards

efficient training. Don't fall into the trap of doing an exercise

because you like it, or avoiding an exercise because it's difficult.

In general, the harder an exercise, the better the results. As an

efficient bodybuilder, you should not look for ways to make

exercises easier. Look for ways to make them harder, and thus more


Yours in health,

Leon Cruz.

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