Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The Lost Mass Building Technique You're Not Doing!

The Lost Mass Building Technique You're Not Doing!

Ok, at first, this bodybuilding technique isn’t going to sound all that sexy to you.

But what if I told you that it will, without a doubt, magnify your mass-building results exponentially and…

…there’s a 95% chance you’re NOT doing it?

And what if I told you that you won’t even break one tiny little bead of sweat when you add it to your bodybuilding routine?


I thought so!

You see, most guys at the gym have no problem grunting their way through endless sets of muscle-pumping exercises.

Intensity is high…the skin on your arms is about to burst open…and your chest is screaming for relief.

But did you know that STRETCHING is actually a powerful mass-building workout technique?

Here’s why…

When you stretch your muscle fibers, you increase the natural release of “Insulin Like Growth Factor 1″ (IGF-1), the primary anabolic trigger for the follow up release of muscle-building, fat-burning growth hormone. In fact, IGF-1 is absolutely critical for muscle growth and in supporting your body’s natural recovery process following your training.

But Wait, It Gets Even BETTER…

Stretching also activates your muscle fibers to create “satellite cells” that branch off as part of your body’s natural recovery response to the elongation of the fibers.

Bottom line…more muscle cells = more muscle mass potential!

I started incorporating this in my “Advanced Mass Building” workout program (http://www.musclenerdfitness.com/go.php?offer=4mass&pid=7) some time ago and it’s incredible how much more you can FEEL the buzz in your muscle cells if you really concentrate on them after your workouts!

How To Use This Mass Building Technique Correctly…

Ok, this is important because how you apply stretching to your mass building routine can make or break your success.

In fact, I had been doing it completely WRONG for years and I want to make sure you don’t screw it up like I did. Follow these tips:

1. Do NOT stretch your muscles BEFORE or DURING your workouts!

It used to be thought that stretching before exercise helped to avoid injury to the muscles. Actually, a good 5 minute warmup of your target muscles is all you need.
Pre-training stretching has actually been shown to REDUCE your muscle strength by as much as 28 PERCENT for your follow up workout because it reduces the level of muscle tension you need to push iron.

Who the hell wants a 30% decrease in workout intensity? Not me!

Therefore, save your stretching until the END of your workout, when you’ve completed all of your sets.

2. Make sure you’re “warm” enough for stretching

You don’t want to stretch a cold muscle or you’ll risk injury. This is why you should perform your stretches IMMEDIATELY following your workout.

You’ll get a better, safer stretch…and better results!

3. Hold the stretch for 30-60 seconds.

The muscle fibers need time to elongate slowly. No bouncing and don’t push yourself too far too fast.

4. Choose “Functional Stretching” techniques over static.

“Functional stretching” includes muscle tension with the actual stretching movement. This helps to activate the muscle fibers better and can actually give you a better stretch in the muscle while also tapping into stabilizer muscles.

Here are a few examples:
Single Leg Deep Lunges for Quads & Hip Flexors (You’re actually stretching your BACK LEG in this movement.)
Dumbbell Fly Hold For Chest (Just hold the dumbbells in the bottom position and feel the stretch.)
Preacher Curl Hold For Biceps (Hold a barbell at the bottom position of the preacher curl machine.)
Cable Row Hold For Back (On a seated rowing station, let the weight forward until you feel that stretch in your lats. Careful not to extend your lower back.)
Think of some other exercises you do that involve a “stretch” at the bottom position and look at your POST-WORKOUT as just another anabolic extension of your mass building workout!

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