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Better Than Protein For Building Muscle?

Better Than Protein For Building Muscle?
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Every guy (and gal) looking to build muscle and burn fat has a tub-o-protein in their pantry, right?

(Arguably) you’re not really “serious” if you don’t.

But there’s an old school supplement that works even better than your fanciest-schmanciest protein powder…

…and it’s one of my “must have’s” for maximizing your gains!
The Muscle Building Supplement That
Works Even BETTER Than Protein!

First of all, there’s nothing really “new” about this supplement. It’s been around since the days Ahnold was lifting down at Venice Beach.

But the real question is…

…are YOU using it right now?

I’m talking about Branched Chain Amino Acids. Branched chain amino acids are essentially “broken down” protein and they’re what I call the “crack cocaine” of supplements.

Do you have a bag? You should!

Here’s why…

A recent study at Charleston College (South Carolina) studied 36 “experienced” lifters and randomly assigned them to one of 3 groups:

* Group 1: Consumed 14 grams of BCAA’s during workouts
* Group 2: Consumed 28 grams of whey protein during workouts
* Group 3: Consumed 28 grams of carbohydrates (sports drink) during workouts

All of their workouts and diets were standardized to keep the playing field even, but at the end of the the 8 week trial, the results were NOT even!

The group taking the BCAA’s ended up burning more fat, adding more muscle, and gaining more strength than those using either only the whey protein or the carbs.
What You Need To Do…

I’m not saying ditch the whey protein. DON’T!

BUT…you definitely should be consuming some straight up BCAA’s on a daily basis if you’re trying to build muscle and burn fat.

Now a word of warning here…

Do NOT go down to your local supplement store and buy a bottle of BCAA tablets (the most common way they’re sold).

You’ll end up spending a fortune on them and they’ll be gone in a matter of a week or so.

Instead, buy your BCAA’s as a POWDER in bulk. It’s waaaaaay cheaper and will last you a long, long time.

Here’s a link where I buy mine: http://purebulk.com/branch-chain-amino-acids-bcaa

(Note: If you buy this, put the word “musclenerd” in the coupon code field and they’ll give you a 5% discount because I sent you.)

You don’t need to use as much as the study did because I still recommend that you consume some whey protein isolate AFTER your workout.

Just add about 5-10 grams to your workout drink (or use my full “During Workout Power Potion” from www.MakeYourOwnSupplements.com) and you’ll experience greater amino acid uptake to stimulate more growth.

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