Tuesday, November 28, 2006

The Ultimate Fitness and Fat Burning Plan Part 2

The Ultimate Fitness and Fat Burning Plan
Part Two.


Your body may be in a acidic state. What is that you may ask? Well,
Many scientific studies have shown that when the body is in an acidic state
you are prone to many diseases and viruses such as common colds, Flues and such. Also, many studies have shown that if your body continues to stay in that state of acidity many major medical problems can occur; medical problems such as contacting many types of cancer.

Diseases and cancer can only survive when the body is in an acidic state, which
means that the body as a whole does not receive enough oxygen. Cancer and disease can't survive when the body is alkalized and filled with life giving oxygen.

One of the scientists that pioneered this discovery was Dr. Morter. Dr. Morter
discovered the powerful truth that when your body pH is acidic, disease such
as cancer, diabetes, and MS thrives. He also discovered that when a body's
pH is alkaline, disease such as cancer, cannot exist. Amazing!!

One of the ways to check or test your condition of health or propensity
for disease is to check your body's pH levels. You can do a Google
search on Jay Rob's company and purchase these little pH testing strips,
which he sells at his website.

Remember that it takes many years to develop most diseases. By checking
you pH levels on a regular basis you are never allowing your body a
long enough time to develop any disease.

As athletes who are in constant training like bodybuilders, fitness enthusiasts
who are getting into shape, martial artists and wrestlers, the body is in constant stress. Stress along with a high protein diet, which many weight training athletes must use, cause the body to go into an acidic state.

Here is something I use and recommend along with testing your pH levels. To get your
levels to become alkalized and filled with oxygen try this drink tonic. Purchase a
rubber made quart container. Fill the quart half way with spring water and the other half with cranberry juice. Next, make sure to purchase some Kombocha extract from www.Kombochagold.com. Kombocha has been used to enhance the following:

1) Stimulates the immune system
2) Balances the body's pH levels
3) Replenishes essential nutrients
4) Detoxifies the body without harsh side effects
5) Boosts the metabolic process

These benefits are all a plus and should be added to the drink above. Once the tonic is made Drink it all for that day. Make another fresh batch the next day and do the same.You can also add some Aloe Vera Juice to the tonic.

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of the Ultimate Exercise Plane "Muscle Conditioning".

Well, that is it for now.

Keep Hanging and Banging.

Leon Cruz.

P.S. If you want to take advantage of the Ultimate fitness plan to use with this information
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