Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The Secret to Strength and Size and other great stuff.

The Secret to Strength and Size and other great stuff.


I know I haven't emailed you guys in a while. But, I have been
working on some really exciting stuff for all of you on

my mailing list. First off, My physical newsletter will be going
out later this month. For those of you who subscribed

to Barbells-Dumbbells-Bodyweight. You will be getting your issue
with your training video very soon. I love producing

these videos that accompany my newsletter because it is a way to
help all of those who need to see how to use proper

technique when training. Its sort of like having a personal trainer
at hand. The videos also act as a motivator. You can

watch and follow the video as you do your workout. This month will
be shoulder training part two.

If you haven't done so yet, you can subscribe to receive your
newsletter at www.barbellsdumbbellsbodyweight.com.

You will not be disappointed. I over deliver and if you are not
happy with your subscription, you have a 90 day money back

gaurentee. If you are not happy I will refund your money back and
you can keep the issues and videos that your have.

Go to www.barbellsdumbbellsbodyweight.com.


I receive e-mails asking me on the magic exercises that will help
in packing on size.

Well, there are no magic bullets on which exercises produce
strength and size. The exercises that exist are the ones

many great strength and muscle building champions have used for
decades. You may know them.

They are:

1) The Squat

2) The Bench Press

3) The Dead lift

4) The shoulder Press

and you can also toss in the Body weight chin up-Pull up and the
floor push-ups.

There you have it. Work these exercises like Brooks Cubic instructs
in his Dinosaur Training Book;

use the 5 sets of 5 reps for each exercise. Not only will these
movements help you in developing great strength

but also power and muscle size. Later on you can add some bicep
curls and triceps presses to the equation.

But for now those exercises I pointed out are enough to not only
help you build strength and size but also

build big strong arms as well. Give this program A try. Perform
these movements three times a week for six weeks

Then e-mail me back and tell me about your progress. And remember
that If you would like a more detailed out line

or personal help, then go to www.barbellsdumbbellsbodyweight.com
and purchase your subscription to our quarterly

newsletter. God bless you all.

Keep hanging and banging.



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