Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The Secret to Strength and Size and other great stuff Part 3

The Secret to Strength and Size and other great stuff Part 3.


In this "Secrets to Strength and Size" series, we have discussed some very basic "old school" style of training and supplementing.

We learned that Milk & Egg protein is the food you will need to build your strength and size. You will begin to see that these secrets

aren't secrets at all but information on training that has gotten swept under the rug and forgotten.

How did it get so complicated

If we look back into muscle building history, you will begin to see how the information for building your body has become complicated

and completly useless. To start with we have the bodybuilding magazines.

If we go back into modern bodybuilding history, which started around the early 1940's,(note: Physical Culture goes back much further

but modern bodybuilding as we know it today started around the 1940's) you will notice that many of the superstars of that era were

all weight lifters. Keep in mind that out of weight lifting Bodybuilding and power lifting were born. If you read the book

"Muscle town USA" The Manly Culture of York Barbell, you will slowly see how many of the weight lifting stars of the 1930's

developed their bodies by traing the olympic and power lifts. Through this type of training, their bodies developed strength, size and muscle.

Many discarded their weight lifting and focused on muscle development and only used their weight lifting in their bodybuilding routines similar to

the exercises I gave you in issue one of this newsletter"The Secret to Strength and Size and other great stuff part 1."


The history of supplements came much later, around the 1950's. It was during the 1950's when Joe Weider took bodybuilding out of the halls

of weight lifting and cultivated it to what it is today in its various degrees and levels. Many athletes knew that eating a proper

bodybuilding diet combined with good supplements would help them in reaching their goals. Milk & egg protein mixed with cream was a

standard staple in many mass building diets along with multi vitamin-mineral tablets and liver tablets.


Steroids made their way and became widly used by american bodybuilders and strength athletes in the era of the 1960's with dianabol being

the one that started it all.

But if we look back, we can see that building a good body without the use of ergogenic aids of any kind is attainable. Just look at

John Grimek during his hay day. The only things available at that time were your basic supplements mentioned above coupled with ahrd old school style training.

I will have more great information for you that you can begin using in future issues of this e-newsletter.

I developed a newsletter that specializes in real world of muscle and strength training. This is information you will not get in any of those glitsy

newsstand muscle magazines. My goal with my newsletter is to bring you back to the real world and tell you what you need to know

and not what you want to hear about building your body. I also take you by the hand by showing you through DVD instruction on

how its done. You will get a quarterly subscription to "barbells-Dumbbells-Bodyweight" along with a DVD of training instruction.

Go to: www.barbellsdumbbellsbodyweight.com. This is a physical newsletter. Nothing to download. You will not be disapointed.

God bless you all.

Keep hanging and banging.



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