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Fat Loss Secrets of The U.S. Military

Fat Loss Secrets of The U.S. Military

By The Muscle Nerd, Jeff Anderson

In This Fat Loss Article...


•"We do more before 6 am than MOST people do ALL DAY!" Here's why...

•Why "body weight" exercises RULE when it comes to burning off body fat!

•Don't feel like "working out"? Drill Sergeants DON'T CARE...neither should YOU!

When the U.S. armed forces set out to develop a fitness program that would hone a lean, “fit-to-fight” physique,

they didn’t have the option of waiting around for the next “fad diet”...

...they don’t Google “fat loss” on the internet and sign up for the first advertised “guru” program

they can find...

...and they DON’T buy “fat burner” supplements by the truckload and issue them at morning roll call.

The program they use MUST be effective enough to work on ALL body types, both men and women, and for anyone

from the 18 year old knucklehead fresh off the turnip truck to the 50-something career soldier nearing

But before you take off, thinking this is going to be some recruitment ad to try to get you to enlist

in the armed forces just to save a few bucks on your current gym membership, let me tell you why the military’s
fitness program (in my biased opinion) is the finest on the planet...and YOUR ticket to creating the best body
of your life in 2008.

Military Fat Loss Principle #1: Train Early – Burn Early

In the military, we don’t wait for the sun to rise to begin our day. PT (“physical training” or exercise)
starts at anywhere from 5am to 6am each day.

Training early in the morning jumpstarts your metabolism and shifts it into high gear to burn fat all day

long...and you don’t need to be a soldier to take advantage of that!

Try to get your workout in as early as possible in the day to ratchet up your body’s natural fat-burning

abilities before your metabolism slows down in the evening.

Military Fat Loss Principle #2: Training Is MANDATORY

Trust me...there’s no “I don’t feel like working out today” in the military!

You’re behind had BETTER be standing in line when training begins or it’s likely you’ll be scrubbing
toilets until midnight.

For you, punishment may not be that severe, but if you’re truly committed to creating your dream body

and melting off any unwanted pounds, you have to find a way to eliminate as many excuses as possible that
can keep you from staying on track.

Take an honest look at the reasons you may have stopped training in the past. Was it the time commitment?

Scheduling conflicts? Maybe you can train at home instead? Perhaps find a gym closer to your job so you
can hit it on the way to work or during lunch?

Whatever you can identify as an obstacle, brainstorm ways to eliminate it for good...and make training

Military Fat Loss Principle #3: Bodyweight Training Rules

You won’t catch any self-respecting soldier admitting to using any infomercial ab gizmo!

Pushups...situps...pullups and other bodyweight exercises are the fundamental core of the military’s exercise


Because the government understands that to maintain a lean, strong physique, you need to fuel your body’s
primary fat burning “engine”...your muscles!

You see, for every pound of lean muscle on your body, you burn an extra 14 calories per day.

Compare that to just 4 calories burned for every pound of body fat and you can see that you can burn over

300% more calories throughout the day just by focusing on building more lean muscle and holding back the
fat gain.

For several reasons (that I don’t have room for here), bodyweight training is superior for this type of
fitness goal and ideal for all ages and fitness levels.

Oh, and an added benefit for you...bodyweight training can be done anywhere!
At home, while traveling, at the gym...ANYWHERE!

Want to know how YOU can tap into the military's BEST training secrets and build the body of your dreams ?

Then get ready...because I'm declaring WAR on body fat!

Keep hanging and banging.


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