Monday, June 16, 2008

One Supplement That Pumps Your Muscles

One Supplement That Pumps Your Muscles

A Quick Tip For Bigger Biceps & Forearms



Here is the One Supplement That Pumps Your Muscles AND Your Hormones!

"Nitric Oxide" supplements have become all the rage in the industry because they help you carry

that "pumped up" feeling you get from your workouts further into your day.

And hey...who DOESN'T want to walk around the office feeling like your biceps are going to rip right

through your shirt? The main ingredient in this "NO2" supplement is the amino acid, L-Arginine.

L-Arginine is a GREAT supplement to add to your program because not only does it increase blood

flow to your body's muscles (even your uh, "main man muscle", giving it the reputation as a "natural Viagra")...

...but it's ALSO a great way to naturally increase growth hormone if taken correctly.

Start with taking just 10 grams of L-Arginine (or about 4-5 grams of L-Arginine Alpha Ketogluterate) about

30 minutes before bed to naturally boost GH and prime your muscles for your next workout "pump"! NOT take L-Arginine anywhere near your other protein intake as it will drastically decrease

absorption due to "competing amino acids"!

Quick Tip For Bigger Biceps & Forearms

>> No Cheat Wall Curls <<

The Setup...

1. Place the heels of your feet 6 inches away from a wall with your
back facing the wall.

2. Press your HEAD, UPPER BACK, TRICEPS, ELBOWS and BUTT up against
the wall.

3. Holding on to a barbell with an UNDERHAND grip, keep your elbows
tucked in to your sides.

The Perfect Rep...

4. Pull your shoulders back and puff out your chest while pulling
IN your lower back (away from the wall) to create more of a curve
in your spine.

5. Curl the barbell to the very top of the movement WITHOUT
removing ANY of the body parts you have pressed against the wall.

6. Contract your bicep hard at the top and slowly lower all the way
down to the start position to repeat.


Perform the exercise gripping on to a TOWEL or a SQUAT PAD wrapped
around the bar to bring in your forearms and develop a G.I. Joe
"kung fu grip"!

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Now this is NOT just a "form correcter" exercise.

This is an AWESOME "isolator" that, although you'll need to use a
bit less weight, you'll find will hit your guns HARD when done


Keep Hanging and Banging.

Leon Cruz.

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