Tuesday, June 17, 2008

How To Supplement DURING Your Workouts For More Muscle!

How To Supplement DURING Your Workouts For More Muscle!

By The Muscle Nerd, Jeff Anderson


I'm sure you've heard how important "post-workout" protein is for jumpstarting the whole "recovery

process" and begin building muscle, right? And it's TRUE...but here's what kills me...

It's not like your triceps are just kicking back after your dumbbell kickbacks, waiting for

you to end their abuse before they BEGIN their recovery. WHILE you workout, your body is

ALREADY trying to manage the damage you're putting it through!

So I say, "Why wait until the END of your workout to provide your muscles with the 'support'

they need to grow?" Here's what to do...

Add some "Branched Chain Amino Acid" (BCAA) powder to your workout drink!

BCAA's are basically "broken down protein" so it's rapidly consumed by your starving muscles.

That means that by consuming them DURING your workout, you'll basically "SHOTGUN" the nutrients

you need into your muscles at a time when they're screaming for help. BCAA powder can be found

in bulk powder form very inexpensively online is one of the ingredients in

my "Muscle Nerd During Workout" supplement recipe.

Now I use a few other "ingredients" in my personal formula to really jack up your training,

but BCAA's are a key ingredient on the "growth" side.

The powder is relatively tasteless so you can even add it to plain water if you're brave,

but I use Kool Aid in my formula.

Give this one a try by adding just 15 grams of BCAA powder to your workout drink!

Note: These are my PERSONAL "make-it-yourself" supplement recipes I offer at:


>>Huge Biceps Tip<<

Today we are going to duscuss a unique biceps exercise that many may not have

heard of. This exercise was once used before all of the fancy machines for arms were invented.

The exercise I am talking about is the supine dumbbell curl. This movement is similar to that of

the incline dumbbell curl. The difference is that you will be lying down on a flat bench to

perform the exercise. This exercise will give you an extreme stretch in the biceps. This

movement is great for building peaks and this exercise coencides with P.O.F. principles.

Give this exercise a try.

Until next time,

Keep hanging and banging.


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