Tuesday, June 10, 2008

The High Rep, Low Rep Huge Arm Tip.

The High Rep, Low Rep Huge Arm Tip.

Part# 1



In this segment of our e-newsletter, I would like to discuss a unique arm training concept that will have you training

your arms up to three times a week.

Now, I know what you might be thinking; "Train Arms Three Times A Week, Isn't that over training?"

Not the way I am going to teach you. Pay close attention.

In my Herculean Big Arm Course, I show you how to group everything up so that your arms grow super fast without

doing endless arm exercises that will lead you to over training and fustration and no growth.

This information can be added to your course. For those who have not checked it out yet go to, www.hugebicepstips.com.

First off, continue to use the training program as outlined in the Herculean Big Arm Course. The only differnt thing

we will be doing is adding an extra arm training session. Also, you will be working both your Biceps and Triceps on

the training days.

Lets Begin. Several years back world class trainer and writer for Muscle Media Magazine, Shawn Phillips,

came up with this Arm training concept. It has long been forgotten and I would like to re-introduce it to you because

it produces results. The name is the Varial Split Training Concept. Again, this concept will have you training arms

three times a week. On the days you work your biceps, you will also be working your triceps in superset fasion for a

total of 5 sets. You decide which exercises to chose for the superset. On the day you work on your triceps you will

hit your biceps as well supersetting only biceps with biceps and triceps with triceps; High reps and sets. On your third

Arm workout you will be doing straight sets, heavy weight and low reps.

I will get into more specifics in our next e-newsletter.

Well, that is it for now.

Keep Hanging and Banging.

Leon Cruz.

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