Sunday, July 22, 2007

Back Building

Building Your Back.


When the topic of back training comes up we usually think about doing exercises such as
Chin-ups, Lat pull downs, barbell rowing and such. But I have learned that there is much
more to Building the whole entire back; Much, Much more.

When training your back remember to think about your spine starting from the tip of
your head to the tail bone (coccyx). We are very familiar on how to train for back
development but most are not familiar on how to work the back from the tip of the
head to the Coccyx.

After you complete your conventional back training session try doing some back bridging
along with some kneeling back bends and bridging using a Swiss ball. You know, I never
had any use for those ugly Swiss balls. I thought that they were nothing but a fitness
fad that would disappear. But now there is a legitimate use for them. You can use one to do
some back bridges.

The bridge not only helps in strengthening and developing the neck, it also helps in
decompressing the spine. If you have trouble doing the neck bridge use the Swiss ball
and balance your self with both your hands. The kneeling back bend helps in also
strengthening the spine by decompression. Here is a run down of the exercises you should
do after your regular back training. They are:

1) Swiss Ball Bridges
2) Neck bridges
3) Kneeling Back Bend
4) Kneeling back bend with hand support.

You can pick and choose which ones to try or you can do them all holding then for about a
minute each. Many of these types of exercises are taught in the Muscle conditioning
DVD's and Course book. You can get them at

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Well, until next time, Keep Hanging and Banging.

Yours in health,

Leon Cruz.

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