Sunday, July 27, 2008

"A Bodybuilding "Quick Tip"

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>> A Bodybuilding "Quick Tip" <<

From: Leon Cruz

Today's Tip: Get off your Tush to build more mass!

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Hi leon!

Today's tip...

"Get off your @$$ to build more mass!"

If your goal is to pack on more mass, a lot of guys get too
caught up in what I call "super-isolating" their muscle groups.

I'm talking about exercises like seated dumbbell curls, seated
preacher curls, dumbbell military pressess, etc.

These "seated" techniques do help you focus more on the target
muscle...but that's not necessarily what you want to do.

So whenever you can, STAND UP and perform the same exercise and
you'll find you can use MORE WEIGHT with MORE POWER.

This method allows you to use more overall body strength for
increased performance without taking the stress off of your target
muscle group.

So choose STANDING dumbbell curls for your bicep instead of

...choose STANDING military presses instead of "seated"...

...and even in the Optimum Anabolics program


It is suggested that you actually turn your body
around on the Preacher Curl station so you're standing and leaning
on the part where you'd normally have your arm when seated.

By leaning on that pad "backwards", you take a lot of the work off
of the shoulder and place it on the bicep...but since you're
standing, you'll be able to lift more actual weight WITH your biceps
than you would the "traditional" way.

Try this strategy and I promise you'll see an IMMEDIATE difference!

Keep hanging and Banging,


P.S.NOW is the time for you to start packing on some extra muscle as
you get ready to shed the fat for that lean "fitness model" look.

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