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A Big, well rounded chest, huge is structure and massive in appearance, is
one of the most imposing features any bodybuilder can acquire. Almost instinctively,
a huge, well shaped chest suggest robust health, power, unlimited energy and endurance.

Therefore, for this reason anyone interested in developing an outstanding physique
should strive towards obtaining complete chest development not merely big pectorals
and wide latissimus dorsi muscles. Invaribly, those who tend to specialize on developing "big pex"
and wide "lats" without first expanding the chest structure may never succeed in acquiring maximum chest size.
It is imparitive, therefore, not to neglect the expansion of the rib-box if a large cest is desired.
Once the rib-box has been sufficiently expanded, chiefly through leg work performed to reach the breathless state,
then concentrating on developing the muscle mass can be accomplished which will further expand the ribcage. However,
once the muscles have been fully developed that encase the rib structure, expansion will be more difficult
and may prevent the chest structure from expanding to its maximum. So work on expansion and muscle developing
simultaneously for better, all-round chest results.

Listed below are some of the best exercise for the chest. First, exercise for expansion, then exercise for the muscles
surrounding the chest, although some of these exercises react both ways; expanding the ribs and developing the muscles.


All leg work that produces strong breathing actions, including jumping, and running, along with regular and jumping

Pectorals - Chest Muscles

1) Pullover - supine, incline and decline positions.

2) Dumbbell flys (Lateral raises as they used to be called) same positions as with the pullovers.

3) Bench presses using normal, wide and narrow grips.

4) Pullovers using overhead pulley on incline bench.

5) Incline and decline dumbbell presses.

6) Cable crossovers.

7) Most chest expander exercises, crusher type of apparatus, dips push-ups, etc.

Other activities: Gymnastics, ring work, rope climbing, and chinning.

Well, until next time, Keep Hanging and Banging.

Yours in health,

Leon Cruz.

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