Wednesday, January 23, 2008

How to Fry your grip.

Many of you reading this newsletter want HUGE BICEPS or should I say HUGE ARMS. I would like to share a tip
with you that should propelle your arm and back training to new heights.

You see, in order to build huge large arms or a wide back you can land a plane on, you MUST have a powerful
grip. Your grip is usually the first thing to give out before exhausting the Biceps or back during training.

Along with all the typical forearm and grip training (see The Herculean Big Arm Course @
I have come across an ingenious way to really fry your forearms.

After your regular training session begin working on your forearms and griping. Now, you will not be doing
your typical grip and forearm training the way you have been, no, Now you will be performing all of your grip
and forearm training by wearing mittens.

That is correct; you will be wearing a pair of Bakers mittens for all of your wrist curls, reverse curls and gripping
exercises. By using mittens you will have a very difficult time holding onto the bars. This will cause you to really
fight to hold onto the weight causing your grip and forearms muscles to really work.

To make this even more challenging, use the mittens along with thick handled bars. Now we are talking really
working your forearms.

The next day after your grip and forearm training session, do not be surprised if you have to be hand fed by
your wife or girlfriends and for the women, your husbands and boy friends.

You will wake up with incredibly sore hands and forearms. You see, in order to make your muscles respond you must make
the training more difficult.

Well, there you have it.

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until next time, Keep Hanging and Banging.

Yours in health,

Leon Cruz.

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