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  Beach Body, (a Fitness company founded back in 1997, became a house whole name due to its famous training program P90X,) has created another great training program named BODY BEAST.

I learned about body beast through an e-mail I received in my in box on August 2012 advertising the new training program. I immediately knew it was a body building program because of the person endorsing the course. The person endorsing the training program was Sagi Kalev. Sagi Kalev (born July 30, 1971 in Tel Aviv) is the former two-time "Mr. Israel" and fitness model, bodybuilding title-holder, and nutritionist who resides in Dallas, Texas. He immigrated to the United States back in 1993 to pursue his bodybuilding and modeling career.

Unlike P90X, Body Beast is strictly a bodybuilding program where P90X is a sports fitness program. Note: P90X can be incorporated into any bodybuilding program. Body Beast is a 90 day, 3 Phase program ( BUILD, BULK and BEAST ) consisting of 12 workouts and is designed for one thing, building lots of muscle mass.

I decided to purchase the training course and give it a try. I have been bodybuilding for many years, and I felt I needed a change of pace training program so I decided to commit to the 90 days.

The package has the option to include some supplements (the supplements are Creatine, Whey Protein and a carbohydrate powder. All of these supplements can be purchased much cheaper at Also, waxy maze is a better carbohydrate powder) and 3 bonus workouts, I purchased the basic package.

Equipment needed: The equipment needed makes this program very attractive indeed. Although I train at a commercial gym and have a decent home gym, none of that is required. The only tools needed are a chin-up bar, push-up bars, a set of dumbbells that progress from 5 pounds to about 70 pounds, and a multi purpose bench, which can decline, incline and position to a flat bench. In the video they also use one of those fitness stability balls, which I do not recommend.

The course is broken down into 3 phases.

PHASE ONE: BUILD - CHEST and TRICEPS - Time: 49 minutes

LEGS - Time: 38 minutes

BACK and BICEPS - Time: 50 minutes

SHOULDERS - Time: 38 minutes

CARDIO - Time: 30 minutes

PHASE TWO: BULK - CHEST - Time: 30 minutes

LEGS - Time: 41 minutes

BACK - Time: 29 minutes

ARMS - Time: 35 minutes

SHOULDERS - Time: 35 minutes

BEAST - ABS - Time: 10 minutes

PHASE THREE: BEAST - Once you have completed the BUILD and BULK Phases, the program has one more block called the BEAST Phase, which is a combination of workouts from the first 2 Phases.

During my experience using body beast, I noticed several things. Within the first two weeks of daily training I noticed that my muscle development improved all around. This could be attributed to what is called muscle memory. Remember that I have been training for many years. But, it felt really nice. Everything improved. I gained two to three inches on all muscle groups. Also, my body weight went from 240 pounds to 260 pounds with eight percent body fat. My strength went up two fold. My bench press went from 365 to 450. My dead lift went from 405 to 500 and my squat went from 405 to 500. Now, again remember about what I said before about the muscle memory thing. Now keep in mind that if I improved all over at my level, anyone at any level can improve at building their physiques.

Now, for the negative points to the program: Body Beast has practically no stretching to speak of and as such I believe this will make you more prone to injury over time. That’s why I personally would recommend incorporating flexibility or yoga into your regimen. This is where adding some of the P90X yoga and flexibility programs come in handy. One thing I learned over the years is that as bodybuilders and weight lifters, we should incorporate the four levels of fitness, which consists of Flexibility, Conditioning, strength, and body composition (Fat percentage). Diet and exercise that includes weight training and cardio will take care of the body composition, strength, and conditioning portion. For the flexibility part of the program, P90X’s stretching program or matt Furey’s Combat Stretching video courses will work very well. For training the abdominal, incorporating P90X’s Ab ripper X video would be a good idea as well.

Sagi Kalev uses old school bodybuilding techniques with the new school science training techniques. When following along with the videos, Sagi has you doing, progressive sets, force sets, giant sets, straight sets, super sets, and combo sets. All of these techniques have been proven to really stimulate and fire up the muscles. These techniques are truly what high intensity training is all about.

Along with the videos, the course comes with a book properly titled “The Book of Beast”. In the Book of Beast, you have a nice nutrition plan to follow. It’s all based on a formula, which has the athlete eating about 5 meals daily with about 3,000 calories a day. I find that if you have the P90X nutrition plan, you should follow that plan when using your body beast course. The P90X nutrition manual is simpler in its explanation than the Book of Beast nutrition plan and when done correctly, the P90X nutrition plan comes out to the same end result, which has one eating about 5 – 6 times daily with about 3,000 to 3500 calories daily with protein being the primary macro nutrient in the first phase.

Overall, I love the body beast program. Once your conditioning is up and you can get through the training intensity in the program, you can create your own hybrids to the program. You can include many of the P90X programs to the body beast course or you can incorporate a push pull training program, just follow the appropriate videos. For example; let’s say you are following a push pull program where you are training chest shoulders and triceps; you would use those videos coaching you on training those muscle groups and so forth. It’s a great way to break out of boredom. Using what I have discussed here will keep you gaining muscle mass and adding variety to your training program. And as we all know, variety is the spice of life when it comes to certain things especially building your Beast Body.

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